About Dar-us-salaam

Dar-us-salaam provides services to the residents of Dakota County and its surroundings. It is one of the first Islamic community centers established in Burnsville, MN. We have been providing services and reaching out to the community since 2006. Our main objective and goal is to keep our communities united and provide the services needed.

Our vision is to establish and maintain a Muslim Society that is well informed of their religion in respect to there environment, status quo and surrounding.

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Our Events

Through out the year, masjid Dar-us-salaam hosts different events such as community dinners, fundraisers and youth activities for all ages.

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Our Services

At Dar-us-Salaam, we offer distinctive services to our community. Our services include Qur’an memorization, Islamic Studies and Reading and writing Arabic. We also provide services to our community and youth such as sport activities and events.

Our Latest Videos

Our staff members actively work to break down the hurdles that stand in the way of our children receiving an education. We are also doing our best to build interactive courses that are comfortable and fascinating for our students by utilizing the most up-to-date and cutting-edge online teaching tools and technology. Weekly and monthly videos are posted to assist our students and learners learn the Quran and Islamic studies at home.

Some Good Words


Thank you to all of our outstanding students. Our students have demonstrated an incredible passion for learning Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies and regularity, hard effort, and dedication, all of which contributed to their tremendous success. Dar-us- salaam wishes all students the best of luck.

Mother of Adam and Aminah

A few months earlier, my children and I began studying the Quran and Arabic with Dar- us-salaam. Their continual competence and efficiency have left a lasting impression on us. The instructors are highly knowledgable, encouraging, and helpful. The courses include excellent course materials appropriate for students of all levels. We have had a lot of fun learning with Dar-us-salaam and would strongly suggest it to others.

Zahra Mustafa

With little to no Arabic language knowledge or abilities, I began learning Tajweed with Dar-us-salaam. All glory be to Allah since, in just three months, I have mastered the art of reciting passages with tajweed, thanks to the efforts of my tutors and my determination.

Mother of Yosuf and Asad

I have told everyone about Dar-us-salaam, including my family and friends. Because my sons were not learning anything, I changed a lot of Quran teachers. My sons are currently enjoying their classes with their instructor, Alhamdullilah. And they have made a lot of progress thus far!