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Dar-us-Salam Weekend Dugsi is committed to teaching Arabic/Quranic Studies and Islamic Studies to children of the Muslim community.

The Weekend School is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and developing God Consciousness through the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

Dugsi (Saturday & Sunday School)


The Weekend Dugsi aims to develop for its students self-assurance as Muslims with a commitment to honoring family, community involvement, and respecting others. The Weekend Dugsi strives to instill ethical values in the students towards becoming productive and responsible members of our society.

Our Values

The values held at the Dar-us-Salam Weekend Dugsi are established by using a holistic approach to learning; one in which the conduct and behavior of all students, teachers and staff is based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad’s noble character.

Our Programs

We teach the Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic reading/writing.

We offer classes for ages 5-20+

We have qualified and dedicated staff that ensure to educate and empower the next generation.

We have an Advanced Quran memorization (Tahfeed) class for advanced students. These advanced students are required to stay more hours than other students.

We have fun activities such as: small field trips, backyard break time, student of the month events and Dugsi organized programs.

You You can register in person or by filling out the form on the website. (we need to be able to embed a registration form into the website or a link. We have a form in Dreamclass so a link is enough).

Contact us via email at or call us 952-322-7096

Our "Stuff"

Dar-us-Salaam Admin's

Hudayfi Barsug

Academic Coordinator/Office Admin

Ismail Aden

Office Admin

Our "Tachers"

Dar-us-Salaam Teachers

Ustadh Warfalibax Mursal

Ustadh Muse Hussein

Ustadh Harun Mousa

Ustadhah Sabreen Anwar

Ustadh Abdidahir Abdi

Ustadh Abdulkhaliq Mohamed

Ustadh Mohamed Abdi

Ustadhah Hamda Abdiwali

Ustadhah Ubah Omar

Ustadh Shuaib Alibar

Ustadhah Fatimah Sheikh

Ustadh Farhan Husen

Ustadhah Ramla Mohamed

Ustadh Qassim Mursal

Ma’had – IUMN

The Ma’had program at Dar-us-Salam Masjid, in collaboration with the Islamic University of Minnesota, seeks to educate the next generation of Muslim youth in the Islamic sciences. Students will be expected to take courses in all various Islamic sciences.


In the AA program, student will be focus on various coursework, quarterly seminars, as well as directed research toward the end of the program. The program will consist of six trimesters—Fall, Spring, and Summer and will last for two years, Inshallah. Throughout these two years, students will be expected to take courses in the principles of hadith sciences, legal sciences, Qur’anic sciences, theology, Islamic jurisprudence, personal & development courses.


Upon successful completion of the AA program, students can pursue higher level courses and earn a B.A. The structure and format will be similar to the AA program.